Arrears Management

Strict Procedures for Late Payment of Rent

We have a ‘Zero Tolerance’ rent arrears policy within our office.  Our policy is discussed with all tenants at their tenancy induction and we provide details of our Rental Trust Account which enables tenants to pay their rent 24 hours, 7 days a week with other numerous payments options available.

Rent arrears are monitored each morning; early intervention, followed by constant communication with our Tenants has enabled us to keep our rent arrears to a minimum.

Any tenant who falls 14 days behind in their rent is issued with a 14 day Notice to Vacate.  If no rent payment is received following this notice being issued, an application is made to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal seeking a possession order.  A warrant is then executed on the property and locks changed.

We strongly recommend against leniency towards the tenant by you as the landlord as arrears can quickly spiral out of control.

Stringent screening of all applications together with our ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy we find that very few tenants fall into arrears with their rent payments.