Financial Management

Reliable Accounting

Tenants are encouraged to pay their rent via Direct Debit/ Internet Banking through their chosen financial institution, but can also pay by cash, money order/cheque at our office.  These options are available to all tenants, as we understand everybody has varying work hours and commitments.

Disbursements of rent payments to our Landlords are processed on the first working day of each month. However, we understand how important it can be to receive your rental income as quickly as possible. Landlords can contact their Property Manager at any time to discuss alternative arrangements to meet their needs.

We have the facility to make payments directly into your bank account once the funds have cleared, thus saving you several days delay with postage and cheque clearance.

Our rental system provides detailed statements, which itemise any outgoings paid from the rental monies. Statements are emailed to you and also accessible via your landlord portal, upon disbursing each payment.

At the end of each financial year, a year to date statement is emailed to you and accessible via your landlord portal as well.


Regular Review of Rental

At First National Latrobe we know how important maximising your rental return is. For this reason we carefully review the rent on an annual basis.  Your property is compared to similar properties in the area and reviewed with current market conditions.


Payment of Water and Council Rates

First National Latrobe have facilities which allow the council/water rates and insurance premiums to be paid directly from the rent. Your rental statement will be itemised so you can see when an account was paid and a copy of the invoice will also be attached to the relevant statement.


Security Deposit/Bond

Once the most suitable tenant has been selected and approved by yourself, the tenant is required to pay a security deposit equal to a calendar months rent.

This security deposit is lodged with the Residential Tenancy Bond Authority and is not returned until the end of the tenancy and a thorough final inspection has been completed.  If there is any damage to the property it will need to be rectified by the tenant.  Should the tenant refuse to co-operate the matter will be referred to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for a judgment.