Tribunal Representation

Whether it be a breach of duty application or a bond claim hearing, First National Latrobe have trained, qualified staff who can attend VCAT on your behalf.

On 1st July 1998, the Residential Tenancies Tribunal was replaced by Victoria Civil and Administration Tribunal (VCAT). There are strict procedural and behavioural rules required within VCAT.

Rarely has there been a need to commence proceedings against tenants as we have such stringent application screening procedures and sound negotiation skills; however, if this occasion should arise, our staff are trained and qualified to represent you at a hearing.

To obtain a result from the tribunal in favour of the applicant requires not only a thorough working knowledge of the act, but also extensive experience in the operation of the tribunal and to be familiar with the interpretation of the various provisions of the Act.

As you can see if has become increasingly important to employ a manager that is trained and fully conversant with all aspect of tribunal.