Risk Management


Having your property professionally managed reduces the risks to some degree, however we strongly recommend that all landlords obtain landlord protection insurance against loss of rent, malicious damage by the tenant and most importantly public liability. Every landlord must also have adequate building insurance.

We further recommend a small contents cover for your items such as curtains and carpets (not covered in your building insurance).

Smoke Alarm Maintenance

The REIV and Victorian Building Authority have identified it is the landlords responsibility to maintain smoke alarms in residential rental properties. By law, every house must have smoke alarms fitted in accordance with the Building Regulations and every smoke alarm must have its battery replaced and be correctly cleaned and tested at least once a year. In addition, smoke alarms must be replaced every ten years as identified by expiry dates on the unit.

To ensure your investment is properly protected, First National Latrobe employ Smarthouse Fire Solutions to conduct the annual smoke alarm maintenance service.

The maintenance service ensures both your investment and your tenants are appropriately protected in the catastrophic event of fire at your investment property, and is a proactive move towards the Victorian Governments intentions of making this service a legislative requirement for landlords.

Carbon Monoxide Testing

Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas that is undetectable (without specialist equipment) to humans. When ingested into the body, Carbon Monoxide is a toxic gas which can have detrimental effects on the human body and when present under day to day household environments can pose serious risk to occupants.  Energy Safe Victoria have recently advised for all gas space heaters and gas wall heaters to have testing conducted on them (at least every 2 years) to ensure they are not emitting Carbon Monoxide. Gas ducted heating systems have also been advised to be serviced at similar regular intervals.

With the support of Energy Safe Victoria, Smarthouse Plumbing Solutions and First National Latrobe are working closely to ensure all Landlords are kept up to date and notified of these crucial tests to ensure all gas heaters meet the recommended service intervals so that your property is a safe environment to live.

As a result, First National Latrobe have negotiated a discounted service rate for clients wishing to sign up to this professional ongoing service.