Presentation and Promotion

Presenting The Property

First impressions are everything; in order to obtain a quality tenant for your property it is advisable that your property is neat, clean and tidy. A property that it poorly presented may not appeal to quality tenants who have increasingly high expectations. The key to attracting quality tenants is to look at the property from the tenant’s perspective. Here are some simple yet surprisingly powerful hints that will point you in the right direction:

Interior: Always present your property in a clean and organised state.  Steam clean or replace stain or worn carpets, wash walls or give them a fresh coat of paint.  Attend to general repairs. Nobody wants to live in a house that smells or has dirty carpets.

Exterior: Paint areas where paint is cracked, particularly fences, window trims and the front door.  Attend to guttering and leaking or sagging down pipes.

Garden: Mow the lawns, tidy edges, remove weeds and any rubbish.  It is true that it is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure the gardens are maintained, however, we are looking at maximising your rent income; set the standard.


Promote The Property

Successful leasing is a ‘numbers game’. The more applications we can generate for your property, the more choice you have when selecting a suitable tenant.

Our modern and dynamic marketing strategies at First National Latrobe will effectively promote and advertise your property to a wide and suitable audience.

Our online booking system ensures there's no downtime and appointments are scheduled several times during the week and weekend.