Rental Payments

It is your legal responsibility to pay your rent, to the Landlord in advance. Please ensure that your payments reach us on or before the due date. Rent can either be paid by

  • Direct Debit/Internet Banking from your nominated bank account. We will supply you with our account details to arrange an automatic transfer with your bank. Please ensure you include the reference number our office will provide you in order for your rent to be recipted
  • Cheque or money order - payable to First National Real Estate Latrobe P/L

If you have any problems with your rent payments please notify your Property Manager at the earliest possible time. If you fall into arrears, we will be obligated to follow the procedures outlined in the Residential Tenancies Act to collect the rent on behalf of the landlord.



At First National Real Estate Latrobe we have a strict “zero tolerance” policy on rent arrears. Should a tenant fall into arrears they will receive numerous phone calls, text messages and letters until the fifteenth (15) day when a Notice to Vacate is served followed by an application made to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal for vacant possession of the property, together with all rent due plus costs.

Please remember our landlords have financial commitments to meet and they rely on rent being paid on time.